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Sketch: College Friends

August 18, 2009 Art
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College years are certainly some of the best I’ve ever had, and not the least for all the wonderful people and friends I met there. I have a habit of drawing those who touched my life in one way or another in a little black sketch book, as evident here and there. Below are some […]

Design: The Baskerville Poster

April 25, 2004 Art
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As part of my Graphic Design studies in MSUM, Prof. Allen Sheets included several font studies in his curriculum, which I found to be incredibly impacting to my type utilization and appreciation. One of those memorable type faces was Baskerville, the better Caslon! Wikipedia tells us the following about the creator: The Baskerville typeface is […]

Presentation: A Look into Lebanon

April 1, 2004 Lebanon
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I was digging through my university folder recently and discovered my old PowerPoint presentations, from my days as a president to the International Students Club at MSUM. So here’s the presentation I prepared to represent Lebanon in the Celebration of Nations event, along with a shorter version prepared for a class meeting. If you are […]

Design: The Bodoni Poster

February 1, 2003 Art
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Class assignments are always fun and challenging for Graphic Designer majors, especially if you were lucky to be one of Prof. Allen Sheets‘ minions in MSUM. The early GD classes focused on study of colors, shapes, compositions and particularly font types, for which I studied and designed a display panel. The lucky font I ended […]

Sketch: Khaled

November 10, 2002 Art
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Yet another set of sketches with a different victim: my other favorite compatriot from MSUM Khaled Soubra caught doing his favorite activity — relaxing! Seriously though, you don’t want to challenge this guy to a soccer match, he’ll feed you goals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Habibi ya Khillo! Tools used: Ink and charcoal.

Sketch: Mo

September 28, 2002 Art
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Doodling faces is one of my favorite hobbies, especially during my early years in college, in which the majority of my friends and coworkers got the charcoal treatment in my sketch book. Here are several sketches with my compatriot Moneer Rifai caught doing his favorite activities: Tools used: Charcoal, pnecil & ink.