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Sketch: Auto Portrait

January 11, 2003 Art
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Quick update with a couple of auto-portrait sketches created before and after a buzz haircut. The hairy one is in charcoal and the bald one with black ink: Tools used: Charcoal & ink.

Sketch: Charcoal Studies

December 13, 2002 Art
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Few surviving sketches from MSUM’s painting club in addition to a couple of studies and three quick renders of my college friends (you know who you are!): Tools used: Charcoal.

Sketch: Inked Bodies

October 25, 2002 Art
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Quick ink sketches from several studios sessions at MSUM’s Art Department: Tools used: Black ink.

Illustration: “Sitting Nude” – Mixed Media

June 17, 2002 Art
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I’m an admirer of French artist Hippolyte Flandrin and his life-long struggle breaking into the elite art scene in 19th century France. Flandrin’s work was the result of hard work, constant training, technique improvement and pure perseverance — something rarely seen or practiced by artists these days. “Jeune Homme Nu Assis au Bord de la […]

Sketch: Charcoal Bodies

January 16, 2002 Art
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More practice sketches with charcoal focusing on the human anatomy. Tools used: Charcoal.

Sketch: Charcoal Faces

January 10, 2002 Art
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A selection of my early charcoal studies depicting faces of family members, friends and other random mug shots. Enjoy! Tools used: Charcoal.

Illustration: Random Ol’Bits

August 16, 2001 Art
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Here’s a batch of my random illustration bits from the early days (read ancient): Tools used: Pencil, charcoal, colored pencils and crayons.

Illustration: Khalil Gibran Tri-Panel

July 25, 2001 Art
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As a proud Lebanese, I have a special interest in our Diaspora across the world the generations of talented individuals sprung from it. A well known example of this is Khalil Gibran, an extraordinary Lebanese American artist, poet, writer and philosopher, and a personal inspiration to my work and view of aesthetics in life. Here’s a short biography […]