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Photo: Restoring Grandpa Shamas

One of my favorite Photoshop activities is photo manipulation and restoration in particular, and whenever I find an old tattered photo or portrait, I get an uncontrollable urge to scan it and touch it up.

One of the earliest examples was this only surviving photo of a friend’s GrandPa, which was photographed from an already weathering photo, all washed up and cracked.

First step was to scan it in highest resolution available, next was to clean up the dust, cracks and particle effects, adjust contrast and brightness, then cutting out the needed silhouette and filling in the missing parts.

Once we have a semi complete face and bust, it’s time to take out the charcoals and draw the shape contours, emphasising the face details and marks. Final stage would be coloring, which is optional, and could take away from the original image if applied too vividly.

Here are the separate panels in high resolution:

Tools used: Photoshop

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