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Sketch: Grotesque

Was in the mood for some Schiele-inspired grotesque portraits. Below are a few quick samples:

Tools used: Scribbler, Adobe Photoshop.


Design: “Thirst for Survival” Event

I was approached last month to create T-Shirt designs and graphic elements for the upcoming “Thirst for Survival” Battle of the Bands event, which will take place at the Hub on 4/18 and 4/25, and being a charity event for a good cause and organized by the local Wellspring for the World organisation, I simply couldn’t refuse.

Three separate sets were created with 2 typographic and one graphic elements, which are demonstrated below on the preselected shirt colors, although I personally prefer the white on blue configuration.

Join the events in the upcoming weekends, and if you can’t attend, help out by donating straight to Wellspring!

Tools used: Macromedia Freehand & Adobe Photoshop.


Design: Y94 Playhouse Logo

A little over a week ago, I was tipped about a logo contest for the popular radio show, the Morning Playhouse at Fargo’s Y94 station, and being the avid competitor that I am, I simply had to submit something. Couple of hours later, I had my quickly built set of four logos sent and accepted to the roster, and it was now up to the Facebook fans to pick their favorite. Needless to say, my submission was eventually selected as the winning pick and it’s all thanks to you, friends and fans!

Here’s the logo submission and final version below:

Kudos to Zero from Y94 and Jhelsi for the tip. Enjoy your free tickets!


Redesign This: CornerStone Bank Logo

This week I take on CornerStone Bank, a North Dakota-based bank with a swirly logo, which is trying too hard to shave the edges off its name and be more trendy. Too much is the keyword here.
Cornerstone Bank Logo

The original design seen to the right suffers from the spiral syndrome along with its nearest cousin the Hilton Hotels logo. While swirly shapes give a great impression of movement and dynamics, it would work best with technology, multimedia and information-based companies. Also, the original designer probably struggled with the fact that 5 or more other Cornerstone Banks already exist out there with very similar ideas for their logos, adding the pressure to innovative for the sake of distinction rather than representation.

On the other hand, a bank logo have the following:

Hence, think inside the box! By creating a simple, muted and square shape we present a powerful and safe look for a bank logo. A square doesn’t have to be conventional though, there are many ways to elaborate on the design without going visually overboard.

And here are my three ideas for a new logo based on the original colors and stated requirements:

Which one of all the above would you identify CornerStone Bank with? Got suggestions for other logos in desperate need for a redesign?

Drop me a line.

“Redesign This” is an unsolicited personal critical impression, opinion and design conclusion. All original logos belong to their respective owners. No logos were skewed, liquefied or harmed in the making of this article.

Design: Just Code It.

A quick motivational poster design for my fellow programmers and coders: Just Code it!