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Design: AventureUSA Logo

AventureUSA LogoDesigning logos can be an extreme sport at times, especially when your client is another designer and/or artist. Case in point: my work on Aventure USA, a travel agency for French tourists visiting the USA.

The initial design process was very straightforward, create a simple, elegant graphic within the company name, without overly patronizing the overall look.

Easy! Or so I thought, until I realized that I can’t utilize any of the easily recognizable American symbols, nor was I able to sneak the flag in. After several deliberations with the client, several Google Search safaris and hours of tourism destinations research, I decided to break the iconography to its simplest form. Nature.

One of the major tourist attractions are the Rocky Mountains and the Colorado river, which look great together and provide the necessary imagery for the logo. The final draft was presented with the shared blue and red colors of both nations’ flags, and the stark black type.

Looking at the final approved logo atop the pyramid of iterations, you realize that beauty and efficiency of the design process.

Tools used: FreeHand, Photoshop

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