Presentation: The Genius Madman

by Max on March 16, 2002

Dali Presentation CoverIt’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Salvador Dali and his mind altering body of work, and that was reflected in my early college work. So when the opportunity was presented to write a research paper for the Art Basics class during my Graphic Design studies in AUST, I picked Dali as my main topic.

The presentation covered Dali’s childhood, early work, his love Gala, transition to America and the final works before he was buried in the crypt of his Teatro Museo in Figueres.

The genius madman will live on forever!

I’ve saved the light-hearted presentation from the olden days and you can watch it here (8 MB PPSX file, “Save As” link, double click file, and watch with your speakers on).

Tools used: Photoshop, PowerPoint

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