Ceramic: Plates Collection

by Max on July 9, 2004

Presenting a selection of plates from my work in MSUM’s Pottery classes.

The plates were thrown over a period of two weeks, then colored and baked within another. The plates are titled as follows:

  • “Digital Shell”: A take on traditional Venetian Majolica painted dishes with high-temperature poly-chromes.
  • “Homeland”: Heavy dark colored plate adorned with Arabic calligraphy relief from Marcel Khalife‘s and Oumeima Khalil‘s song “The Returnee”.
  • “Pink Proletaria”: Thinly thrown plate with flower petal-shaped edges and light pink accents on gray. Yes, these are dancing hammers and sickles on the circumference.
  • “Useless”: A light-hearted take on the plate’s basic function and its antithesis. The plate was deliberately colored with heavy lead content slips.

Tools used: Clay, clay tools, colors & a very hot kiln.

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