Ceramic: “Orrific Pod”

by Max on July 12, 2004

Molding and forming clay into shapes is a Godly experience. Blasphemy you say? Well let me explain:

This amazing process combines the childish fun of dipping your hands into dirt and the spiritual process of creation. With each fold and touch, you are giving that piece of indiscernible filth a whiff of life, and with a final trip to the kiln you are birthing it into existence as a wholesome entity.

Well, at least that how I feel about my ceramic creation, each one as a living, breathing creature of this world.

Here’s one of my creatures from my days in MSUM, titled the “Orrific Pod”. The pod was technically challenging to pull, considering its enclosed, shape and deep middle impression and a high top nozzle. I started building it from the inside out providing support to the inner walls and reconnecting them on top. The biggest risk was during the baking process, which would’ve resulted in a collapse of the inner groove into the lower walls and breaking the shape. Luckily, the walls were thick enough to withstand it, and the piece came out retaining all its curves.

If you look closely at this piece, you’ll notice the bumpy texture, which resembles a human skin along with the suggestive curves and angulation. I’ll leave the interpretations to you the viewer,  and will just say enjoy!

Tools used: Ink, Clay, Ceramic slips

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