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Design: Initech ID Card

November 1, 2009 Resources
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This past Halloween, a friend of mine asked me to design a fake ID for his costume. He wanted an authentic Initech ID! If you have not heard of Office Space, then shame on you. Go rent, nay, buy it now! I’ll wait. I searched online for an easy copy to plaster a head over, […]

Design: Typographic World Map

August 22, 2009 Art
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Here’s another cool project from my Design vaults: the typographic world map! I started this project initially in late 2002, with the intentions to mark each world nation with its national flag, few iterations later and I thought “wouldn’t it be cool to have their actual names displayed instead?” Bingo! I spent a couple of […]

Design: Golden Seal Template

July 14, 2009 Resources
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Here’s another quick resource for graphic designers looking for a high-quality 300 DPI, print ready golden seal template. The Photoshop PSD file includes preset rounded text on top and bottom, sample center pieces with preloaded effects and a couple of extras. Just open, edit and done! Goldseal Template (PSD, 4.19 Mb)

Design: Large Scale Grids

June 23, 2009 Resources
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Ever had that instance while working on a huge file and you needed a quick grid overlay, then spending precious minutes trying to scale squares and defining patterns, only to get it wrong and do it all over? Well guess what, most designers suffered with this particular issue, or will at some point. Thus I […]