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Sculpture: The Letter “A”

June 14, 2002 Art
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During my stint in the American University of Science and Technology in Zahle, I got involved in a student sculpture project. The premise was to create the college’s initials in large freestanding form, each with a unique look and theme. Choosing the first letter “A”, I took upon a combination of solid wood, decorative wooden […]

Sculpture: African Tear

October 28, 2001 Art
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If you’ve heard or read about Found Art, then you might understand why some artists find beauty in the most common of things. Like that scrap wood log I found discarded in the street few years ago, encapsulating something unique within it. A teary face from Africa. As a former inhabitant of Northern Africa, this […]

Sculpture: Futuristic CityScapes

August 7, 2001 Art
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Here’s another example of my early architectural inclinations; a futuristic design for two city blocks with solid monolithic towers emanating and convulsing upwards and sideways. This design was inspired by architects like Zaha Hadid and Frank Gehry, but with a darker and more despotic twist, seeing the buildings of the future as compacted, highly efficient and […]

Sculpture: Trialith Structure

July 27, 2001 Art
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Here’s an interesting bit about me. In early 2001, I was very interested in architecture and designing structures and buildings. One of the remaining relics from that time is the “Trialith”. A triangular mega-monolith, with side scrolling facades, glass slopes on all sides and dotted with pod shaped openings and sliding elevators. You can see […]

Sculpture: The Crafty Hand – Wire

March 30, 2001 Art
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Here’s another take on my wood carved “The Crafty Hand” sculpture featured in this blog post, and transforms the shape through the use of shaped building wires on a wood block base. Tools used: Wire, wood, clips.

Sculpture: The Crafty Hand

March 7, 2001 Art
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The human hand is the ultimate tool, and as an artist, my appreciation is unmeasurable for this gift of evolution. The hand is a recurring theme in my work and in this particular example I’ve carved it from a single wood block. The bulky hand shape is self supporting on its base and covered with wood […]

Sculpture: “Solo” – Wire

February 20, 2001 Art
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This version of the “Solo” sculpture is created using regular building wires and a wood base, complimenting the same ideas and concepts of the original carved “Solo” piece mentioned in this blog post. Tools used: Wires, wood, clips.

Sculpture: “Solo” – Wood

February 7, 2001 Art
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“Solo” is one of my trademark symbols that I translated from my personal experiences with melancholy and depression into a reason to embrace life and living. As a child of war and migration, I had my share of struggles with constant fear and uncertainty in life, but I can safely say that art and the […]

Sculpture: “Devotion” – Wood

January 8, 2001 Art
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“Devotion” is a personal project that I developed to represent certain values and concepts that I hold dear, and in this case it embodies motherhood and devotion. As you’ll notice with my other sculptures, I approach materials with a Minimalist’s eye, conveying the subject matter with the least amount of alterations. This particular sculpture was […]