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Ceramic: “Trimily”

August 10, 2004 Art
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“Trimily” is a ceramic set created for my Clay Principles class in MSUM, representing the  family as a euphemism. The pieces were molded with a heavy base and light leaning tops, and designed with a concave shape within two of the vases to compliment the largest vase. The tri-set can be arranged in various configurations […]

Ceramic: “Orrific Pod”

July 12, 2004 Art
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Molding and forming clay into shapes is a Godly experience. Blasphemy you say? Well let me explain: This amazing process combines the childish fun of dipping your hands into dirt and the spiritual process of creation. With each fold and touch, you are giving that piece of indiscernible filth a whiff of life, and with a […]

Ceramic: Plates Collection

July 9, 2004 Art
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Presenting a selection of plates from my work in MSUM’s Pottery classes. The plates were thrown over a period of two weeks, then colored and baked within another. The plates are titled as follows: “Digital Shell”: A take on traditional Venetian Majolica painted dishes with high-temperature poly-chromes. “Homeland”: Heavy dark colored plate adorned with Arabic calligraphy […]

Ceramic: Bowls Collection

June 1, 2004 Art
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Presenting a selection of bowls from my work in MSUM’s Pottery classes. Th particular set of bowls was influenced by the Japanese geometric throwing style, with conservative slip of grays and blacks. Each bowl was painted with specific dots, symbols and encryption. The bowls are titled as follows: “War” “Morse” “Morse Deux” “Nailed” Tools used: Clay, clay tools, […]

Ceramic: Cup Collection

May 9, 2004 Art
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Another ceramic update: my cups collection from MSUM Pottery classes in which I’ve created around 15 unique cups each with a different motif, idea and execution. When I finished my 2004 Spring semester I gave away all of these cups to my friends and colleagues from around the globe and saved but one cup for myself. […]

Ceramic: “Compassion” Bottle

March 9, 2002 Art
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Here’s one of my early ceramic pieces, titled “Compassion” and based on the “Devotion” series. This particular work was done for a college assignment for a feminine eau-du-toilet bottle and packaging design. The bottle was molded in clay, painted in acrylic colors and wrapped in a custom tailored leather pouch, which was masterfully sewn by […]

Sculpture: “Solo” – Ceramic

February 28, 2001 Art
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Here’s yet another version of the “Solo” sculpture created using ceramics and acrylic colors and displayed in relief style with solid framing. The original wood version can be found in this blog post. Tools used: Ceramic, acrylic colors.

Ceramic: Classic Busts

June 20, 2000 Art
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While studying Graphic Design in Lebanon, I took a short course on clay and pottery, focusing primarily on classic anatomy studies and modeling. Here are a couple of my first clay busts, in addition to a study by one of my favorite expressionist sculptors, Ernst Barlach, and his famous “Head” piece. Tools used: Clay, clay […]