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R.I. Peace | Tribute to H.R. Giger

May 12, 2014 Art
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Hell takes back its troubadour. A tribute to the genius of H.R. Giger in his death. Tools: Photoshop Credits:  Guillotine – H. R. Giger & H R G font – Irina Batkova  

2014 – Year of the Horse

January 1, 2014 Art
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2014 – Saddle up and have a wild ride!

2013 – Year of the Snake

January 1, 2013 Art
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2013 – A muddy year ahead.

Welcome to Max Taha’s portal.

May 1, 2012 Blog

The place for my designs, illustrations, musings and uncanny attractions! Also, I offer all types of design solutions for the perfectionist in you. My services include graphic design for print media, web design, social networking, SEO,  branding, identity, marketing, advertising strategy planning and consultancy. If you have ambitions for your business, get in touch and find out […]

Design: Random Posters #2

October 24, 2011 Art
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More random posters; just because: Tools used: Photoshop

Design: Random Posters

March 7, 2011 Art
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Some random posters to celebrate absolutely nothing: Tools used: Freehand & Photoshop

2011: New Year’s Birth

December 31, 2010 Art
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With the birth of this new year, may all your dreams and ambitions be reborn and flourish on!

Sketch: Grotesque

April 20, 2010 Blog
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Was in the mood for some Schiele-inspired grotesque portraits. Below are a few quick samples: Tools used: Scribbler, Adobe Photoshop.

Design: “Thirst for Survival” Event

April 12, 2010 Art
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I was approached last month to create T-Shirt designs and graphic elements for the upcoming “Thirst for Survival” Battle of the Bands event, which will take place at the Hub on 4/18 and 4/25, and being a charity event for a good cause and organized by the local Wellspring for the World organisation, I simply couldn’t refuse. […]

Design: Just Code It.

February 1, 2010 Art
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A quick motivational poster design for my fellow programmers and coders: Just Code it!

2010: New Year’s Dawn

January 1, 2010 Art
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In the dawn of this year, may you conquer and prosper!

Design: Initech ID Card

November 1, 2009 Resources
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This past Halloween, a friend of mine asked me to design a fake ID for his costume. He wanted an authentic Initech ID! If you have not heard of Office Space, then shame on you. Go rent, nay, buy it now! I’ll wait. I searched online for an easy copy to plaster a head over, […]

Design: Typographic World Map

August 22, 2009 Art
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Here’s another cool project from my Design vaults: the typographic world map! I started this project initially in late 2002, with the intentions to mark each world nation with its national flag, few iterations later and I thought “wouldn’t it be cool to have their actual names displayed instead?” Bingo! I spent a couple of […]

Sketch: College Friends

August 18, 2009 Art
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College years are certainly some of the best I’ve ever had, and not the least for all the wonderful people and friends I met there. I have a habit of drawing those who touched my life in one way or another in a little black sketch book, as evident here and there. Below are some […]